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pairings logs

► received hakutaku01, hakutaku06, tree03, tree08, junes04, symmetry08, kaiser01, heal08, sniper06, and legendary06 from joining
► received pinkhair20, vicious01, blaze08, network05, aoitori19, endoscopy01, iwant10, exodus01 and seijuu02 from june release
► received iron02 and star04 from joining
◄ traded junes04 for hakutaku10 with [personal profile] suguro (1)
◄ traded blaze08 for vicious02 and member cards with [personal profile] netbug009 (2, 3, 4)
◄ traded sniper06 for hachi09 and member cards with [personal profile] sujini (5, 6)
◄ traded network05 for vicious04 with [personal profile] eclair (7)
► obtained sopheria01, messy07, and night05 from trivia 58
► obtained orangepotion, loveletter, cat03, magma02, realian04, four02, england02, and librarian05 from puzzle chain 12
◄ traded realian04 for amulet09 with [personal profile] kyaaa (8)
◄ traded sopheria01 for hakutaku09 with [personal profile] jenybear (9)
◄ traded aoitori19 and iwant10 for escort05 and drums03 with [personal profile] fuchsian (10, 11)
► obtained surgeon07, sojutsu10, yami02, Love Letter, puzzles05, morte02, assassin01, three09, videogames01, girlslove19, and rhythm02 from game festiva 05
◄ traded exodus01 and seijuu02 for vicious05 and escort02 with [personal profile] cureelliott (12, 13)
► obtained timid09, suit03, mockingbird06, dos09, chief06, and swords07 from otp battles 56
◄ traded member cards, endoscopy01, four02, and drums03 for escort03, vicious03, and maid04 with [personal profile] hopes (14, 15, 16, 17)
◄ traded cat03 and timid09 for duck01 and prospero03 with [personal profile] truebluespark (18, 19)
► obtained kyrios08, landgod06, and vino04 from blind date 59
► obtained prideful09, charm04, and highwind04 from blind date 58
► obtained route14, firefist01, and habanero01 from classifieds 60
◄ traded symmeetry07 for tree07 with [personal profile] chianna (20)
◄ traded girlslove19 for tree04 for kotono (21)
► swapped legendary06 for luminol07 at swapping 31
◄ traded girls19 and swords07 for dominion02 and hakutaku07 with joyce (22)
◄ traded assassin01 and vino04 for librarian01 and librarian07 with [personal profile] suguro (23, 24)
► obtained haiku07, fork09, and heaven08 from word search 29
► obtained jewels06, rosewhip04, and capricorn03 from otp battles 58

◄ received prospero01 as a gift from [personal profile] avian
► obtained boyslove03, unseen04, and acrobatic02 from freebies 30
► obtained biblical01, manservant01, beast04, bladedlance02, kansai03, mongrel01, sapphire10, scarf05, and shoujo01 from july release
◄ traded kansai03 for biblical03 with [personal profile] eclair (25)
◄ traded sapphire10 for blacklynx03 and member cards with [profile] anesdorian (26, 27)
◄ traded mongrel01 for shoujo17, fork09 for conclusions02, and member cards with [personal profile] avian (28, 29, 30)
► obtained voxlympha06, ninjutsu02, bindingrod09, and yukiatsu01 from referrals
◄ traded bindingrod09 and bladedlance02 for manservant02 and biblical02 with [personal profile] hopes (31, 32)
◄ traded beast04 for small08 with [personal profile] unlocks (33)
◄ traded scarf05 for debt02 with [personal profile] fuchsian (34)
► obtained record06 from otp battles 59
► obtained mari08 and windor08 from exchanging highwind04 at simon says 64
◄ traded member cards and tree07 for alien06 with [personal profile] teto (35, 36)
◄ traded traded member cards and yami02 for love03 with [personal profile] chuu (37, 38)
◄ traded member cards and videogames01 for blackrose04 with [personal profile] sleipnir (39, 40)
► swapped star04 for land06 at swapping 32
► obtained bright06 and anchor03 at classified ads 63
► obtained fantail02, innocent04, and piano01 from trivia 62
► obtained mockingbird01, fire01, and limebell09 from word search 30
◄ traded member cards and magama20 for dominion08 with [personal profile] cureelliott (41, 42)
► obtained popular09, outside10, bachelor03, Love Letter, timetravel10, twilight02, darkflame03, recurrence03, galge06, elrit08, morte02, needles02, professor08 from games festival 07
◄ traded small08 for hakutaku05 with [personal profile] beccastareyes (43)
◄ traded needles02 for librarian09 with [profile] cureeliot (44)
◄ traded member cards and yukiatsu01 for dominion06 with [personal profile] lluvia (45, 46)
◄ traded galge06 and twilight02 for shoujo19 and shoujo14 with [personal profile] hopes (47, 48)
► obtained salaryman06, trabia09, smiling03, spade09, fabulous04, bright06, Love Letter , pinkpotion from puzzle chain 13
► obtained rapier03 from otp battles 60
◄ traded windor08 for familiar02 with [personal profile] unlocks (49)
► swapped bright06, bright06, morte02, and boyslove03 for hakutaku08, tree10, tree09 at exchange
◄ traded puzzle05 and rapier03 for dominion01 and amulet04 with [personal profile] jenybear (50, 51)
► obtained guitar03, kurogamon01, and hope08 at blind date 61
◄ traded jewels06 for maid01 with [personal profile] anesidorian (52)
► obtained rapier09, five05, dragonkid05, hakutaku04, amulet01, orangepotion from leveling up
► swapped four love letter, a pink potion, and an orange potion for tree01, tree02, tree05, tree06, bedridden07, quincy05, disguise01, alchemy09, leader10, dominion09, hakutaku02, hakutaku03 at shop
◄ traded capricorn03 for charm01 and member cards with [personal profile] poland (53, 54)
► obtained dominion03, dominion04, dominion05, dominion07 from singles claim
◄ traded rapier09 for courage10 with [personal profile] lluvia (55)
◄ traded mockingbird01, ninjutsu02, outside10 for familiar01, vicious09, librarian03 and member cards with [personal profile] samichan (56, 57, 58, 59)
► obtained couture09 from otp battle 61
► obtained bungeegun04 and lycaon05 from freebies 31
► obtained capricorn06 and rational07 from freebies 32
► obtained heal08 and meteor03 from classified ads 65
► obtained father01, tophat02, protecting08, blackrose01, blackrose02, pinkpotion from mastering tree/hakutaku
► obtained prideful05 and action03 from donating a deck
► obtained amber04 and rain08 from donating a deck
► obtained bicycle04, vocals06, and unmei07 from trivia 64
► obtained alien02, alien05, blackrose07, blackrose09 from singles claims
◄ traded capricorn06 for shoujo16 with [personal profile] poland (60)
► obtained nirvash05, oni09, kid10, Love Letter, byakuei02, yousei08, cellphone07, carnation03, orangepotion, purplepotion from games festival 08
► obtained defense05, scorpio05, and cyborg06 from blind date 64
► obtained temper06 and darkstone09 from freebies 33
► obtained eyeshield02, forbidden02, and morningstar05 from date spots 63
► obtained stoic05, mayonnaise07, and blackbird98 from blind date 63
► obtained dualblade01, violin08, and drive08 from blind date 62
◄ traded member cards and hanebero01 for biblical08 with [personal profile] rosa (61, 62)
◄ traded quincy05 for blackrose05 with [personal profile] lady_paine (63)
◄ traded defense05 for shy08 with [personal profile] hopes (64)
◄ traded member cards and prideful01 for amulet07 with [personal profile] puppydere (65, 66)

◄ traded fantail02, professor08, rosewhip04, stoic05, father01 for manservant03, fonist09, fonist03, fonist02, and fonist04 with [personal profile] avian (67, 68, 69, 70, 71)
◄ traded luminol07 for alien08 with [profile] anesdorian (72)
► obtained data05 from otp battle 62 *
► swapped pinkhair20 for blackrose03 and blackrose06 at exchange
◄ traded blackbird08 for forbidden03 with [personal profile] cureelliott (73)
► obtained idol10 and grimmoires04 from reactions 15 *
► obtained blacklynx05, blacklynx06, landgod04, maid02 from singles claims
► obtained alien09, kotoriasobi09, fate07, poppo04, rabbit08, vigilante08 from trading achievement
► obtained kyrios04 and wolffang03 from classifieds ads 66 *
► obtained theend01, maps01, starseeker06, corporal03, founder03, aquaforce07, freestyle05, luckydog06, nostalgia11 august release
◄ traded cyborg06 for surgeon04 with [personal profile] orangepeels (74)
◄ traded aquaforce07 for maps02 with [personal profile] shamuon (75)
◄ traded luckydog06 for maps04 with [personal profile] adurotum (76)
◄ traded founder03 for theend04 with [personal profile] moes (77)
► obtained unlimited04 and resolve10 from matchmaker 65 *
◄ traded freestyle05 for maps03 with [personal profile] lanvaldear (78)
► obtained avalanche02, bluebeard08, jagan10, biblical10, manservant10, greenpotion from mastering dominion/blackrose
◄ traded corporal03 for theend03 with [personal profile] cautiousardent (79)
◄ traded dualblade01 for alien01 with [personal profile] unlocks (80)
◄ traded member cards and darkflame03 for boku05 with [personal profile] needles (81, 82)
◄ traded rain08 and jagan10 for inu10 and starmagic10 with [personal profile] samichan (83, 84)
◄ traded dragonkid05 and recurrence03 for midget05 and voxaura09 with with [personal profile] inarticulate (85, 86)
► swapped a loveletter, pinkpotion, orangepotion and purplepotion for autozam02, serious08, morte04, rappigs04, friendly08, kotoriasobi10, dominion10, blackrose08, blackrose10, idol10, airguitar09, saw02, trickster08 at shop
◄ traded kotoriasobi09 for maid08 with [personal profile] break (87)
◄ traded yousei08 and elrit08 for naive01 and naive07 with [personal profile] suguro (88, 89)
◄ traded salaryman06 for maid10 with [personal profile] lluvia (90)
◄ traded member cards, popular09, and rational07 for inugami08 and naive10 with [personal profile] surskit (91, 92, 93)
◄ traded member cards, three09, and airguitar09 for landgod08, starmagic03 with [personal profile] kyaaa (94, 95, 96)
◄ traded vigilante08 for destiny09 with [personal profile] adurotum (97)
► obtained spade04, ninth07, and videogames13 from guess the video game 33 *
► obtained unseen06, bicycle10, five09, biblical09, manservant09, pinkpotion from leveling up
► obtained speechless07, silvercrow10, and badminton04 from otp battles 63 *
◄ traded starseeker06 and videogames13 for amazon03 and theend02 with [personal profile] hopes (98, 99)
◄ traded nostalgia11 and member cards for winged10 with [personal profile] harmonium (100, 101)
► obtained nirvash02 and habataki06 from freebies 34 *
◄ traded guitar03 for naive03 with [personal profile] asuna (102)
◄ traded cellphone07 for biblical05 with [personal profile] unlocks (103)
► exchanged route08, heal08, heal08, and idol10 for manservant07, manservant08, and biblical07 at exchange
► exchanged iron02 for gurren05 at swapping 35 *
► obtained virgo05 and insecure03 at classifieds 67 *
► obtained loveletter, redpotion, indifferent09, fugitive08, bicycle02, recurrence01, iron05, dragonkid06 from puzzle chain 14 *
► obtained boku06, inu01, maid05, voxlympha03 from singles' claims
► obtained network08, cigarette07, mari10, vicious02, all-around06, bluerose07, scarf07, greenpotion from trading achievement
► obtained poison10, heels03, icequeen10, Love Letter, clow03, backstroke04, melodious08, marshmallows02, lion04, badminton05, fireemblem09, strahl01 from game festival 09 *
◄ traded bedridden07, iron05, poppo04 for forbidden07, voxignis01, and database01 with [personal profile] netbug009 (104, 105, 106)
◄ traded bungeegum04, amber04, ninth07, habataki06, smiling03 for nonchalant07, ophelia06, mistaken03, eyeshield06, hyoton01 with [personal profile] avian (107, 108, 109, 110, 111)
◄ traded innocent04 for midget01 with [personal profile] surskit (112)
◄ traded avalance02 for blacklynx07 with [personal profile] totling (113)
◄ traded member cards and scarf07 for voxlympha01 with [personal profile] lesyay (114, 115)
◄ traded member cards and mari10 for voxlympha07 with [personal profile] urameshi (116, 117)
► obtained kends02 and honoo05 from donating a deck
► obtained clay04 and landgod03 from donating a deck
► obtained wings05, shinai02, and phasing10 from trivia 66 *
◄ traded heels03 for voxaura04 with [personal profile] anotherheaven (118)
◄ traded member cards and allaround06 for lagann03 with [personal profile] adurotum (119)
► exchanged england02, darkstone09, and haiku07 for manservant06 at exchange
◄ traded unseen04 and unseen06 for lagann07 and lagann08 with [personal profile] orangepeels (120, 121)
◄ traded member cards and shinai02 for surgeon08 with [personal profile] shiraishi (122, 123)
◄ traded insecure03, limebell09, silvercrow10, trickster08 for kid01, librarian02, maid07, voxignis08 with [personal profile] yokatta (124, 125, 126, 127)
► obtained icolo10, mechanics10, and renegade05 from blind date 66 *
► exchanged pinkpotion, greenpotion, and two loveletters for manservant04, manservant05, biblical04, biblical06, sock02, moose09 at shop
◄ traded alchemy09 for moonmagic06 with [personal profile] poland (128)
► obtained clowndrop08 from otp battles 64 *
◄ traded member cards, trabia09, clow03 for prospero10, prospero09 with [personal profile] dinos (129, 130, 131)
► obtained candy06, disguise05, powered03, amulet10, blacklynx10, bluepotion from mastering biblical/manservant
◄ traded bicycle02, bicycle04, bicycle10 for voxaura03, voxlympha05, voxlympha08 with [personal profile] needles (132, 133, 134)
► obtained bungeegum07 and flute10 from classified ads 68 *
► obtained Forbidden10, indifferent02, indifferent07, shoujo07 from single claims
◄ traded idol10 for voxaura05 with [personal profile] harmonium (135)
◄ traded five05, temper06, unmei07, vicious02 for boku09, destiny01, librarian08, voxaura02 with [personal profile] throatpunch (136, 137, 138, 139)
► obtained tristesse01, rocker03, and castle04 from otp battles 65 *
► obtained swordswoman07, fantail02, and frozen02 from trivia 67 *
► obtained arrogant07, chase02, and eyepatches 12 from freebies 35 *
◄ traded action03 for database02 with [personal profile] kakusei_no_uta (140)
◄ traded kotoriasobi10 for amulet05 with [personal profile] duosion (141)
◄ traded eyepatches12 for voxignis02 with [personal profile] chianna (142)
► swapped bluepotion, redpotion, greenpotion for mentor06, contractor06, shoujo20, maid09, alien03 from shop
► obtained Librarian10, midget03, passport07,passport10 from singles claim
◄ traded member cards, honoo05, resolve10, timetravel10 for alien07, maid03, maid06 with [personal profile] redconfession (143, 144, 145, 146)
◄ traded powered03 for icolo05 with [personal profile] netbug009 (147)
◄ traded scorpio05 for voxignis02 with [personal profile] eat (148)
◄ traded mentor06 for voxaura08 with [personal profile] anesidorian (149)
► obtained exodus01 and rational06 from discussion 34 *
► obtained god09, meteor01, scythe03, Love Letter, fate06, ash09, titanias02, ginryuu04, Love Letter from games festival 10 *
◄ traded disguise01 for forbidden04 with [personal profile] eat (150)
◄ traded wings05 for naive06 with [personal profile] sleipnir (151)
◄ traded ginryuu04 for voxignis09 with [personal profile] sujini (152)
► obtained baking09, elrit02, feathers07, solitary05, haiku03, baseball09 from trading achievement
► obtained scales 06 from otp battles 66
◄ traded fire01 for librarian06 with [personal profile] dinos (153)
◄ traded titanias02 and swordswoman07 for boku01 and voxignis04 with [personal profile] cureelliott (154, 155)
◄ traded kyrios04 and kyrios08 for kid05 and alien04 with [personal profile] danybel (156, 157)
◄ traded cigarette07 for curiosity09 with [personal profile] gilbo (158)
◄ traded elrit02 and member cards for blacklynx09 with [personal profile] admiral (159, 160)
◄ traded candy06 for conclusions06 with [personal profile] samichan (161)
◄ traded member cards and rappigs03 for amulet08 with [personal profile] lanvaldear (162, 163)
◄ traded mayonnaise07 and disguise05 for kid04 and protecting09 with [personal profile] omokage (164, 165)
► obtained mistaken02, appetite07, beauty03, amulet02, blacklynx02, pinkpotion from leveling up
◄ traded acrobatic02 and beauty03 for blacklynx08 and theend07 with [personal profile] ankari (166, 167)
◄ traded recurrence01 and castle04 for naive02 and database04 with [personal profile] fall (168, 169)
◄ traded solitary05 for database10 with [personal profile] radria (170)
◄ traded lion04 for bucking10 with [personal profile] rosa (171)
◄ traded fugitive08 for indifferent08 with [personal profile] kakusei_no_uta (172)
◄ traded rational06 for boku02 with [personal profile] kyaaa (173)
◄ traded bucking20 for database07 with [personal profile] dinos (174)
◄ traded bachelor03, baking09, arrogant07 for voxaura07, tristesse02, tristesse06 with [personal profile] yokatta (175, 176, 177)
► swapped two love letters and a pink potion for blacklynx01, librarian04, amulet03, amulet06 at shop
◄ traded fonist09 for bachelor09 with [personal profile] anesidorian (178)

◄ traded icequeen10 for flames02 with [personal profile] crystalweaver (179)
◄ traded couture09 for database08 with [personal profile] ets (180)
► obtained renegade04 and jagan05 from freebies 36
► obtained destiny10, familiar08, theend05, voxlympha02 from shop
◄ traded wolffang03 for familiar10 with [personal profile] haifisch (181)
◄ traded poison10, vocals06, bachelor09, spade04, five09 for database05, database06, indifferent01, voxignis04, voxaura04 with [personal profile] chianna (182, 183, 184, 185, 186)
◄ traded meteor01, meteor03 for amazon01, midget06 with [personal profile] dinos (187, 188)
◄ traded baseball09, bluebeard08, prideful05, and mechanics10 for shoujo11, sand08, romeo04, and fairy08 with [personal profile] hopes (189, 190, 191, 192)
◄ traded fabulous04 and god09 for theend09 and hachi10 with [personal profile] swagu (193, 194)
◄ traded morningstar05 and autozam02 for blacklynx04 and alien10 with [personal profile] swallowthelake (195, 196)
► obtained moonbase01, sadist01, and partner02 from trivia 69
► obtained serve04, tamer04, and quest07 from otp battles 67
◄ traded sadist01 for strahl08 with [personal profile] omokage (197)
► obtained mercury06 and net06 from matchmaker 69
► obtained chumley08, bucking06, intelligent01, maps10, theend10, bluepotion for mastering alien/maid
► obtained smuggle10, costumes07, diary09, maps06, theend06, purplepotion for mastering amulet/blacklynx
◄ traded scythe03 for indifferent03 with [personal profile] orangepeels (189)
◄ traded net06 for voxignis10 with [personal profile] cureelliott (199)
◄ traded intelligent01 for naive05 with [personal profile] nirilian (200)
◄ traded frozen02 for voxaura09 with [personal profile] himekohimura (201)
◄ traded quest07 for voxaura07 with [personal profile] anesidorian (202)
► obtained guns05 and assault08 from classifieds ads 71
► obtained obtained elicoorian05, invincible03, mask05, Love Letter, chamr06, ophelia10, teller05, dynames04, service04, oppai06 from games festival 11
◄ traded mercury06 for voxlympha09 with [personal profile] beccastareyes (203)
► messy07 for conclusions09 at swapping 37
► obtained angeo01, foxhound06, zagan06, ricochet01, kouzuki07, kaguya01, bellybutton01, shounen01, vows02 from september release
► obtained pipe09, ophelia04, ophelia03, cramschool06 from singles claim
► obtained iga01, selfish08, magiccancel10, dos06, saxophone08, homerun05, starseeker02, redpotion from trading achievement
► obtained crocadile07, roar03, fabulous06 from trivia 70
► obtained zodiac03, church10, womanizer02, mangaka10 from referrals
► obtained libra03, betrayed06, protagonist13 from discussion 35
◄ traded richochet01 and foxhound01 for kaguya05 and bellybutton03 with [personal profile] omokage (204, 205)
◄ traded anchor02 for maps08 with [personal profile] atashi (206)
► obtained muskets10 from otp battles 68
► obtained red potion, love letter, anguished01, prideful04, mjolnir03, dash04, shooting06, nymph01 from puzzle chain 15
◄ traded shooting06 for fairy07 with [personal profile] sujini (207)
◄ traded flute10 and bucking06 for strahl04 and strahl10 with [personal profile] dinos (208, 209)
◄ traded kouzuki07 for kaguya02 with [personal profile] dinos (210)
◄ traded anego01 for kaguya04 with [personal profile] lesyay (211)
► swapped service17 for database09 and database03 at exchange
◄ traded zagan06 for kaguya03 with [personal profile] yanyan (212)
► obtained luna08, cyanpile10, loveletter from donating a deck
► obtained proud10 and saturn07 from donating a deck
► obtained maps05, maps07, anguished07, chemistry10, swindler09, champion03, shoujo02, shoujo03, theend08, maps09 from exchanging two redpotions, purplepotion, bluepotion, and two love letters at shop
◄ traded member cards and muskets10 for academics08 with [personal profile] fall (213, 214)
◄ traded member cards and fate07 for voxignis01 with [personal profile] majou (215, 216)
◄ traded member cards, nonchalant07 and oni09 for indifferent06, fairy05 with [personal profile] eat (217, 218)
◄ traded saturn07 and member cards for voxignis07 with [personal profile] empanadas (219, 220)
► obtained cinderella04, oblige01, oblige05, oblige09 from singles claims
◄ traded teller05 for kaguya07 with [personal profile] miha (221)
► obtained kansai05 and drag02 from freebies 37
◄ traded member cards and kendo02 for bellybutton10 with [personal profile] singingtomysoul (222, 223)
► obtained firemage09, devoted06, proud07 from otp battles 69
► obtained sincerity03, shounden08, glacier03 from guess the video game 36
◄ traded mari08 for amazon08 with [personal profile] fuchsian (224)
► swapped oppai06 for forbidden09, indifferent10 at exchange
► obtained bluesky02, highland07, nemesis09, forbidden01, indifferent04, bluepotion for leveling up
► obtained +1 on singles claim from completing a benefit
◄ traded glacier03 for kishi07 with [personal profile] eat (225)
◄ traded member cards and dragonkid06 for pipe10 with [personal profile] inarticulate (226)
◄ traded vows02 for bellybutton02 with [personal profile] hopes (227)
► obtained lion08 and interfere01 from classified ads 73
► obtained windam02, foxhound04, takoyaki07, forbidden05, indifferent05, pinkpotion from mastering database/librarian
► obtained neon03, surf09, theater03, forbidden06, forbidden08, purplepotion from mastering maps/theend
► obtained fairy10, perfecto07, yousei10, naive04, lagann04, bluepotion from mastering forbidden/indifferent
► obtained bandit10, waitress10, unrequited02, Love Letter, osu05, piero03, rose05, analyist01, rekka09, cosmos08, lancelot07 from games festival 12
► obtained analyst07 from otp battles 70
► obtained electronics04, prospero04, serene06, swimming05, swimming08 from singles claims
◄ traded member cards and neon03 for perfecto09 with [personal profile] baccikuzunoha (228, 229)
◄ traded iga01 for voxaura05 with [personal profile] empanadas (230)
◄ traded analyst07 for familiar05 with [personal profile] shiraishi (231)
► obtained hero08, kantoku06, and programmer08 from trivia 72

◄ traded champion03 for landgod05 with [personal profile] beccastareyes (232)
◄ traded interfere01 for aikido01 with [personal profile] ixionesis (233)
◄ traded heaven08 and programmer08 for prospero05 and songbird06 with [personal profile] namikala (234, 235)
◄ traded analyst01, waitress10, programmer08, smuggle10, and member cards for pipe07, songbird09, romeo05 with [personal profile] fuchsian (236, 237, 238, 239, 240)
► obtained shoujo09, shoujo04, fairy02, boku03, and amazon04 from singles claim
► obtained fourth10 and crabs07 from freebies 38
► obtained friendly03, observer07, thanatos10, spade08 from blind date 74
► obtained vicious04, lonely09, effort07 for trivia 74
► obtained bluebeard03, issachar02 from otp battles 71
► obtained tethe'alla10 and galileo04 from classified ads 75
◄ traded bungee07 for jack06 with [personal profile] beato (241)
◄ traded member cards, jagan06, badminton04, badminton05 for conclusions10, devotion09, scales07 with [personal profile] morningfield (242, 243, 244, 245)
► obtained liberate01, badminton08, heavyblade05, Love Letter, basketball04, justice07, romano10, inbit02, aura04, Love Letter from games festival 13
► obtained dinosaur05, gadoria08, chatter09, hime03, sly06, mature01, gekko01, eating01, mascots06 from deck release 19
◄ traded dinosaur05 for voxlympha02 with [personal profile] beccastareyes (246)
◄ traded sly06 for voxaura01 with [personal profile] lluvia (247)
◄ traded gadoria08 for voxignis07 with [personal profile] duosion (248)
◄ traded mascots06 for inu09 with [personal profile] chianna (249)
◄ traded chatter09 for cinderella03 with [personal profile] ixionesis (250)
◄ traded hime03 for naive09 with [personal profile] lesyay (251)
► obtained destiny03, destiny04, destiny08, protecting06, shounen17 from singles claims
◄ traded fonist02, fonist03, fonist04, grimmoires04, starseeker02 for conclusions01, small03, winged09, gurren03, and bikini06 with [personal profile] unlocks (252, 253, 254, 255, 256)
► obtained pinkpotion, loveletter, poison08, patriot07, beater06, bicycle02, middleeast07, hyperactive05 from puzzle chain 16
◄ traded patriot07 and foxhound04 for cramschool05 and cramschool10 with [personal profile] omokage (257, 258)
► obtained powered04, orthopedics01, avaricious03, lagann09, lagann10, greenpotion from leveling up
► obtained phobia05 and profitable09 from freebies 39
► obtained gurren09, passport06, voxaura02, winged05, shounen05 from singles claims
◄ traded fantail02 for fairy01 with [personal profile] cautiousardent (259)
◄ traded marshmallows02 and beater06 for voxignis03 and voxignis10 with [personal profile] miha (260, 261)
◄ traded betrayed06 for bellybutton07 with [personal profile] aaveplsgo (262)
► obtained lonely05, rose05, heroic08, nervous06, tethe'alla04, and a pinkpotion from date spots 76
► obtained prithivi05 from otp battles 73
► obtained selfish03, ranguren10, pinkpotion, loveletter from october birthdays
► obtained serpent07 and anti-social05 from classified ads 77
► obtained a loveletter, spartoi07, artisocat09 from donating a deck
► obtained box10 and hungary10 from donating a deck
◄ traded theater03 for serena08 with [personal profile] portaling (263)
► obtained destroy10, twinblade09, monitor08, heathaze10, celes01, classical02 from trading in greenpotion and purplepotion at shop
► obtained flash10, bluebeard04, fire09, Love Letter, littlebird09, meteor08, demonk03, westwood01, dancer07, unyielding02, novicechef09, strawhat01 from games festival 14
► obtained anti-social01, anti-social08, lonely02, shounen06, shounen07 from singles claims
► obtained bored04 from otp battles 74
► obtained novicechef09 and izayoi05 from discussion 38
► obtained videogames02, tethealla05, unwanted04 from freebies 40
◄ traded unyielding02 for winged03 with [personal profile] beccastareyes (264)

► obtained revolution07, labcoat07, mist02 from otp battles 75
► obtained lagann05, lagann06, naive08, landgod01, landgod02, landgod10, familiar03, inu02, lagann01, lagann02, familiar04, familiar06, landgod07, familiar07, landgod09, familiar09 from trading in two pink potions, two blue potions, and eight love letters
► obtained defeated01, guitarist08, sasayan08, sasayan09, swimming02 from singles claims
◄ traded mask05 for bellybutton06 with [personal profile] rujubee (265)
◄ traded tethealla05, tethealla10, dancer07 for clowndrop07, sasayan02, sasayan10 with [personal profile] dinos (266, 267, 268)
► obtained sasayan01, placards04, hatcher01, Love Letter, vessel09, classical05, taichi10, partner06, waffu01, pinkpotion, purplepotion from games festival 15
◄ traded bluesky02 for voxlympha08 with [personal profile] cureelliott (269)
► obtained burn06, scarf02, muscles11 from guess the video game 39
► obtained school07, alchemy09, wandering03 from discussion 39
► obtained cinderella07, passport08, sasayan03, voxignis06, voxlympha04 from singles claims
► obtained bellybutton05, bellybutton04 from exchanging school07 at exchange
► obtained bellybutton08, bellybutton09, kaguya09, kaguya10, temporal02, koopa04, prosecutor05, fire09 from trading in two pink potions and a purple potion at shop
► obtained instructor05, teikoku04, rat06 from otp battles 76
► obtained colonel09, appetite02, freedom06, kaguya06, kaguya08, orangepotion from leveling up
► obtained himo07, hornet02, and heaven10 from trivia 78
◄ traded kantoku06 for academics06 with [personal profile] omokage (270)
◄ traded member cards and heathaze10 for gurren10 with [personal profile] kiririgiri (271, 272)
► obtained greenpotion, loveletter, chatter10, headbutt06, doctor10, saw05, destroy04, scales05 from puzzle chain 17
► obtained roses03, hypnosis04, enforcer05, shepherd05, tristan02, clumsy10, odango02, foreseer03, halloween15 from deck release 20
◄ traded guitarist02 guitarist07 icolo03 and icolo08 for bluerose07 fire09 highland07 and selfish03 with [personal profile] lesyay (273, 274, 275, 276)
◄ traded classical05, videogames02 for shoujo04 and voxaura06 with [personal profile] miha (277, 278)
◄ traded tristan02 and odango02 for voxignis08 and debt04 with [personal profile] empanadas (279, 280)
◄ traded clumsy10 for clowndrop04 with [personal profile] dinos (281)
◄ traded shepherd05 and enforcer05 for inu08 and record03 with [personal profile] eat (282, 283)
◄ traded hypnosis04 for lonely08 with [personal profile] yuugiri (284)
◄ traded halloween15 for boku04 with [personal profile] chianna (285)
◄ traded roses03 and foreseer03 for voxlympha06 and voxlympha07 with [personal profile] starseeker (286, 287)
► obtained headbutt07 and contractor02 from freebies 41
► obtained west09 from otp battles 77
► obtained friendship09, shinai06, takeover10, ciaossu07, odango05, gazel05, inu05, inu06, inu03, inu04, pleasure06, relief09 from trading in a pink potion, orange potion, green potion, and two love letters at shop
► obtained academics01, costumes05, protecting04, partner04, shoujo06 from singles claims
◄ traded prosecutor05 for aikido06 with [personal profile] unlocks (288)
► obtained fork10 and cleaver04 from classified ads 81
heels01, boots04, vocals02 from assemble 19
► obtained valkyrie05, prideful05, latvia02, stripes04, battousai07, panda07, bluehair18, victory02, dependable02, apprentice05, hero03, loveletter from games festival 16
► obtained network03, playboy01, pheasant03, boku07, inu07, bluepotion, serpent02, moogle08, keyboard08, boku08, boku10, pinkpotion, protecting03, keyblade06, jupiter01, voxlympha10, voxaura10, purplepotion, fishman03, mask09, ranked03, voxignis05, voxlympha01, greenpotion from masteries
◄ traded classical02 and profitable09 for cinderella05 and cinderella09 with [personal profile] kyaaa (289, 290)
◄ traded cleaver04 for passport04 with [personal profile] anesidorian (291)
► obtained stone09, saxophone05, miracles08, voxaura01, voxlympha03, greenpotion from leveling up
◄ traded valkyrie05 and effort07 for fairy09 and escort10 with [personal profile] adurotum (292, 293)
► obtained homeroom02 and heroine04 from discussion 40
► obtained beat08, classified05, heavyblade09, pipe02, pipe05 from singles claim
◄ traded network08 for clowndrop06 with [personal profile] empanadas (294)
► obtained heavyblade06, hero07, inugami09, kingkittan05, kingkittan07 from singles claims
► obtained wheelchair10, redrose06, and america01 from otp battles 78

► obtained courageous04, spartoi05, anchor02, Love Letter, space01, light04, peddler06, darkmage10, keyblade06, Love Letter from games gestival 17
► obtained barefoot10, partridge01, nonchalant07 from trivia 82
► obtained lancelot08 and tearjewel04 from freebies 42
► obtained left07, friends05, theend09 from otp battles 80
► obtained academics04, sasayan06, small01, shoujo10, shoujo15 from singles claim
► obtained shattered07 and aquarius09 from freebies 43
► obtained stealth08 and sapphire04 from classified ads 84
► obtained monochrome15, monochrome12, zaft07, coordinator07, owner07, moonsault04, dododon06, odoru07, mesomeso08, quarterback09 from release 21
◄ traded traded monochrome12 for amazon01 with [personal profile] chianna (295)
◄ traded quarterback09 for fairy06 with [personal profile] omokage (296)
◄ traded coordinator07 and zaft07 for box01 and tristesse07 with [personal profile] empanadas (297, 298)
◄ traded odoru07 and mesomeso08 for passport01 and conclusions04 with [personal profile] crystalweaver (299, 300)
◄ traded dododon06 and moonsault05 for aikido09 and inugami08 with [personal profile] ankari (301, 302)
◄ traded member cards and owner07 for voxignis06 with [personal profile] saya (303, 304)
► obtained curiousity03, debt09, flames10, shounen02, shounen03 from singles claim
► obtained jock06, dragons01, prussia08, short03 from otp battles 81
► obtained loveletter, bluepotion, punches01, bungeegum07, rayearth05, bangs05, peacemaker08, perceive05 from puzzle chain 18
► obtained ouji03 and magus05 from discussion 42
► obtained narcolepsy02, royal03, volley08, speechless07, bluepotion, meltdowner05, goodluck06, zaku09, kiche05, rapier09, vocals03, taichi02, twohands05, engineering05 from trading achievement
◄ traded wheelchair10 for guitarist05 with [personal profile] swagu (305)
► obtained inugami03, partner01, partner03, partner05, shounen04 from singles claims

MARCH 2014
► obtained cursed05, mirror05, kukulcan01, reborn09, squirrel09, taller09, inferno0, valentines07 and spacetime01 from march release 3/20
◄ traded hatcher01 for amazon09 with [personal profile] prisma (306) 3/20
◄ traded taller09 and squirrel09 for lonely06 and sasayan04 with [personal profile] eat (307, 308) 3/20
◄ traded reborn09 for sasayan05 with [personal profile] anesidorian (309) 3/20
◄ traded cursed05 and mirr0r5 for box07 and bandit09 with [personal profile] saya (310, 311) 3/20
► obtained curiosity07, gurren08, morale07, morale09, morale10 from single's claim 3/20
◄ traded justice07, peddler06, headbutt07, chumley08, panda07, headbutt06, taichi02, playboy01 for anti-social06, costumes09, moonmagic10, morale03, ouji06, sand01, tristesse03, twinblade10 with [personal profile] beccastareyes (312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319) 3/20
◄ traded keyboard08 and unwanted04 for partner09 and voxignis05 with [personal profile] crystalweaver (320, 321) 3/20
► obtained sonic10, forced07, eques07, yuukei06, enforcer06, virtue03, Love Letter, pinkpotion from puzzle chain 21 3/20
► obtained outcasts07, nyoro03, shinai07 from date spots 95 3/20
► obtained lipstick03 and vintage03 from freebies 48 3/21
◄ traded basketball04 and pheasant03 for cramschool07 and oblige08 with [personal profile] utsuwa (322, 323) 3/21
◄ traded fork10 for oblige07 with [personal profile] dialga (324) 3/21
◄ traded boots04, chief06, and ciaossu07 for assassin01, morale06, and glasses07 with [personal profile] ceesoo (325, 326, 327) 3/22
► obtained wisdom02, barrier05, meltdowner09, christmas17 from picture hunt 1 3/23
► obtained silent04, bighearted03, kensei04 from trivia 94 3/23
► obtained police10, nihao02 from classified ads 96 3/23
► swapped tearjewl04 for oracle09 at swapping 48 3/23
◄ traded fabulous06, homeroom02, prussia08, hungary10, aura04 for midget08, cinderella02, oblige03, clowndrop01, inugami02 and member cards with [personal profile] melloi (328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333) 3/23
► obtained rainfell07, strip05, typhoon10, resolve05 from blind date 95 3/24
◄ traded police10 for oblige04 with [personal profile] sal (334) 3/24
► obtained xguns08, kbt06, jr02, Love Letter, crest07, trainer04, understudy03, lovers03, bluepotion, purplepotion from games festival 22 3/26
► obtained outside08, seiyuu01, laserbeam06, Love Letter, zero08, union09, flamboyant02, beautymark06, thunder07, wickedeye06 from games festival 23 3/26
► obtained rain06, golden03, hairdresser05, cinderella01, fairy03, purplepotion from leveling up 3/27
► obtained marine08 and carpenter10 from freebies 49 3/27
◄ traded kukulcan01 for spacetime02 with [personal profile] fuchsian (335) 3/27
◄ traded typhoon10 for cinderella06 with [personal profile] chuu (336) 3/27
◄ traded zaku09 for strahl02 with [personal profile] omokage (337) 3/27
◄ traded valentines07 and yuukei06 for shoujo18 and assasin08 with [personal profile] eat (338, 339) 3/27
◄ traded bighearted03 for passport03 with [personal profile] adurotum (340) 3/27
◄ traded chatter10, cyanpile10, spartoi07, unrequited02 for amazon05, costumes02, costumes06, fishing04 with [personal profile] yokatta (341, 342, 343, 344) 3/27
◄ traded darkmage10, heels01, poison08, shinai06, shinai07, tethealla04 for electronics10, nyoro01, nyoro10, shy03, wickedeye02, wickedeye09 with [personal profile] dinos (345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350) 3/27
► obtained clowndrop02, clowndrop10, defeated06, defeated07, dullahan01 from singles claim 3/29
► exchanged two pink potions, two blue potions, one green potion, one purple potion, two love letters for voxlympha04, voxlympha05, voxlympha09, voxlympha10, voxaura03, voxignis03, voxaura06, voxignis09, voxaura08, voxaura10, gangstar04, forward04, miracles07, exorcist07, mystic01, bangs03 at shop 3/29
► exchanged bluehair18, monochrome15, christmas17 for shoujo08, shoujo12, cinderella10, cinderella08 at exchange 3/29
► obtained ricochet02, support06, wonder07 from trivia 95 3/30
◄ traded resolve05 for ophelia08 with [personal profile] preternatural (351) 3/30
◄ traded magiccancel10 and middleeast07 for cramschool08, small07 with [personal profile] yuugiri (352, 353) 3/30
◄ given pinkpotion, orangepotion, redpotion, purplepotion from [personal profile] suguro 3/31

APRIL 2014
◄ traded goodluck06 and guns05 for assassin06 and trickster07 with [personal profile] kues (354, 355) 4/1
◄ traded monitor08 for shoujo13 with [personal profile] eats (356) 4/1
► obtained pherae01 and shepherd09 from matchmaker 96 4/1
► obtained avaricious02, firebomber01, cuarta01 from otp battles 93 4/1
► exchanged two blue potions, one green potion, one purple potion, and five love letters for costumes01, passport09, passport02, passport05, oblige06, fairy04, lonely07, oblige10, lonely01, hornet09, bat07, teach07, gravity08, parasol02, wisdom02 at shop 4/2
◄ traded bat07 for lonely03 with [personal profile] fuchsian (357) 4/3
► obtained mind06, soapland06, memories09 at pate spot 97 4/3
► obtained kiss-shot07, robin03, school01 at guess the video game 48 4/3
► obtained androphobia02, poplar02, sail06, lemonade06, lastking07, forgotten07, gallery07, gentle10, royals01 from april release 4/6
► obtained blackrose07, prospero02, roommate01, roommate02, roommate04 from singles claims 4/6
► obtained sherry10, kiche04, badda-boom03 from trivia 96 4/6
◄ traded androphobia02 and poplar02 for lonely10 and oblige02 with [personal profile] eat (358, 359) 4/6
◄ traded sail06 for aikido07 with [personal profile] dinos (360) 4/6
◄ traded lemonade06 for assassin04 with [personal profile] melloi (361) 4/6
◄ traded lastking07 for revolution08 with [personal profile] saya (362) 4/6
◄ traded gallery07 and forgotten07 for dependable03 and defeated10 with [personal profile] anesidorian (363, 364) 4/6
◄ traded gente10 for tristese04 with [personal profile] crystalweaver (365) 4/6
► obtained odoru09 and defeated04 from matchmaker 97 4/7
► obtained breaker03, wandering09, fourth02 from otp battles 94 4/7
► obtained reversed12, bubbles10, nervous01 from freebies 50 4/7
◄ traded scarf02 and jupiter01 for sasayan07 and fishing09 with [personal profile] chianna (366, 367) 4/7
◄ traded anguished01, freedom06, fireemblem09 for amazon02, curiosity02, prospero07 with [personal profile] suguro (368, 369, 370) 4/8
► obtained roses04, tanuki05, ooparts07, Love Letter, 1stanniversary20, shy07, mizuho01, amita06, yankee06, prospero06, electricity01 from games festival 24 4/9
► obtained unrequited03 and counter04 from discussion 47 4/10
► exchanged muscles11 for academics10 and passport09 from exchange 4/10
► obtained canvas04, recruit04, fryingpan01, shards04, shounen09, shounen10, redpotion, cinderella-fairy, zangetsu09, laguna10, clueless08, cramschool01, cramschool02, greenpotion, passport-oblige, boots08, middleeast06, freestyle07, cramschool03, cramschool04, bluepotion, kakarot10, uppercut04, kindhearted07, cramschool09, academics02, greenpotion, melodious04, bluebeard03, threaten05, academics03, academics05, greenpotion, bluemoon04, talisman03, dragoon10, academics07, academics09, redpotion, japan08, blackbird10, charmer09, lonely04, costumes04, bluepotion, piero08, robattle01, tyrant09, costumes03, partner07, bluepotion from masteries 4/10
► obtained sherry01, kingkittan02, hebihime03, heavyblade07, goldmoon02 from singles claim 4/15
► obtained peak08, vessle01 from classified ads 99 4/15
► obtained battousai03, hearbeat04, piercings03 from trivia 97 4/15
► obtained elrit01 from otp battles 95 4/15
► obtained grin01, psychopath07, nebula07, tail10, recall08, eldarian09, marchenland01, pharaoh09, oracle02, umbralis01, romano10, coach07, hungry05, taoyaki06, venusian08, ooparts05, eastern07, richie02, part-time01, mockingbird05, zodiac03, junes10, novelist02, heal04, broadway04, mercenary02, chaoscontrol01, ninja06, servant05, tailswipe01, darksoul03, wind08, sentouki10, puns05, spiker03, runic06, strawhat06, bluedragon05, bloody07, apple03, numbers08, feminine05, weakness09, kishi08, scouting07, instant mastery coupon, +1 permanent release slot from the second anniversary event 4/16
► obtained boys13, bellybutton09, roar09 from guess the video game 49 4/16
► obtained clutch08, flames07, paladin08, wingspiker02, weird07, home02, Love Letter, redpotion from puzzle chain 22 4/23
► obtained eight05, gentle04, priest06, Love Letter, spartan04, gemstone01, reincarnation02, heir02, devotion02, service10, shounen20 from games festival 25 4/23
► obtained hebihime06, hebihime07, hebihime08, prospero01, prospero03 from singles claims 4/23
► obtained wickedeye04 from otp battles 96 4/23
► obtained wild09, mercenary10 from discussion 48
◄ traded mercenary02, pherae01, soapland06 for trickster02, classified03, classified09 with [personal profile] swagu (371, 372, 373) 4/23
◄ traded kakarot10, richie02, royals01 for swimming07, swimming06, aikido05 with [personal profile] omokage (374, 375, 376) 4/23
◄ traded firefist01, instructor05, kindhearted07, mizuho01, perceive05, phobia05, strip05, vessel01 for anti-social07, protective02, roommate03, roommate05, roommate10, vicious10, westwood10, mature08 with [personal profile] dinos (377, 378, 379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 384) 4/28
► obtained endoscopy08 and special10 from freebies 51 4/28
► obtained firetrucks03, prospero10, protective03, protective06, songbird05 from singles claim 4/28
► obtained avaricious03 and counter01 from classified ads 101 4/28
► obtained petite08, junes09, scissors05, fishing01, assassin02, bluepotion, sopheria10, baton10, miracles06, skyhigh01, firetrucks09, fishing02, assassin03, pinkpotion from leveling up 4/28

MAY 2014
► obtained flirt07 from otp battles 97 5/2
► obtained intelligence07, odango04, plum02, slap10, warmth02 from singles claim 5/2
► obtained escort06, puppet05, taijutsu05, speechless01, wisteria02, rainfell09, explorer05, symmetry08, kritya09, yesterday10, elwind10, xclips07, uncute03 from mod pay 5/2
► obtained anchor01 and healer10 from classified ads 102
► obtained zaft01, hyakka06, android06, medea04, bangs10 from trivia 100 5/4
◄ traded outside08 and understudy03 for vicious06 and wickedeye10 with [personal profile] eat (385, 386) 5/4
◄ traded explorer05 for curiosity01 with [personal profile] suguro (387) 5/4
◄ traded tailswipe01, nebula07, bubbles10, taijutsu05, unrequited03, pharaoh09 for my costumes08, costumes10, ophelia09, partner10, trickster06, trickster08 with [personal profile] yokatta (388, 389, 390, 391, 392, 393) 5/4
◄ traded liberate01 and destroy10 for guitarist03 and coach08 with [personal profile] needles (394, 395) 5/6
► obtained lancet07, tweet03, and jian-shi02 from otp battles 98 5/6
► obtained jersey01, pink01, sunflowers01, champloo01, kenjutsu01, flamenco01, regular01, modest01, conductor01, digidestined01 from may release 5/6
► obtained extreme03 and waitress05 from freebies 52
► obtained ryuzaki07, point03, strongarm03, Love Letter, christmas10, fanalis10, mech10, keyblade04, bluehair18, route16 from games festival 26 5/8
► obtained bakuzan02, conclusions03, eating10, flamenco05, inugami07 from singles claim 5/8
► obtained shounen11, shounen12, ophelia05, ophelia07, midget03, midget04, prospero08, amazon06, amazon07, midget07, smallgiant01, smallgiant02, smallgiant03, smallgiant04, smallgiant05, smallgiant06, smallgiant07, smallgiant08, smallgiant09, smallgiant10, theking01, theking02, theking03, theking04, theking05, theking06, theking07, theking08, theking09, theking10 from trading in an instant mastery coupon, two redpotion, two pinkpotion, and two bluepoion at shop 5/22
► obtained midget09 and midget10 in exchange of protagonists10 at exchange 5/22
► obtained king06 and eight02 in matchmaker 101 5/22
► obtained beat07, paladienne01, and scorpion04 from otp battles 99 5/22
► obtained pixie06 and counter03 from classified ads 104 5/22
► obtained chariot06, electricity05, electricity10, engaged05, zagan10 from singles claim 5/22
► obtained sprinter07 and amanti06 from freebies 53 5/22
► obtained flamenco01, westwood01, firebomber06, four02, spiker03, elite06 from otp battles 100 5/22
► obtained gekko08, jintan03, memories03, sunglasses09, transfer01 from singles claim 5/22
► obtained pinkpotion, loveletter, blackdog05, bubbles04, fastest03, duck05, detective10, threaten03 from puzzle chain 23 5/22
► obtained conclusions05, midget02, and curiosity04 from exchanging avaricious03, bluebeard03, novicechef09, reversed12 at exchanged 5/24
► obtained artificial02, harmonious06, rockstar09, Love Letter, melee18, valentines09, kindhearted01, march10, mute07, siblings20 from games festival 27 5/24
◄ traded mercenary10, sentouki10 for trickster05, box08 with [personal profile] swagu (396, 397) 5/29
► obtained ranked01, hungry04, and stoic08 from otp battles 101 5/29
► obtained frozen06, ouji01, ouji08, roommate09, seashell04 from singles claims 5/29
► obtained cursed06, brass07 from matchmaker 104 5/29
► obtained ophelia01, ophelia02, partner08, fishing03, fishing05, galge02, time04, buchou07, flute06, colonel09, tyrant10, blackstone04, talisman09, peak07, tags03, shining03, innocent08, conclusions07, curiosity08, conclusions08, curiosity10, curiosity05, curiosity06, shounen13, shounen14 from shop 5/29

JUNE 2014
► obtained nameless07, tauburn08, kurogamon10, paladienne10, gentleman02, warmth06, hatcher04, acrobatic06, pistols09, highwind10, dornkiste01, skill-out04, cranky04, fan09, disguise08, mahjong01, pacifist08, convict07, c-0301, ninis02, tenchou01, cannon08, hellkaiser06, gran06, sonic10, hamlet04, sindria06 from mod pay 6/1
◄ traded gentle04, innocent08, stripes04, zaft01 for beat04, coach05, cursed04, devotion03 with [personal profile] empanadas (398, 399, 400, 401) 6/1
► obtained chief02, stationery10, novelist10 from otp battles 102 6/4
► obtained gurren04, itako09, nirvash04, revolution05, viera08 from singles claim 6/7
► obtained couture02, bluehat04 from matchmaker 105 6/7
► obtained eleven08, programmer09 from freebies 54 6/7
► obtained fishing06, assassin05, vengeance10, night09, climber01, rayearth05, autozam09, salaryman02, ryuzaki06, rational07, kappa07, board07 from hiatus week 1 6/15
► obtained western06, pisces04, blitzball09, hawkvision09, suidream07, focus05, himo02, richie04, silvercrow07, assassin07, fishing07 from hiatus week 2 6/15
► obtained airguitar05, recall04 from classified ads 107 6/15
◄ traded spiker03, wingspiker02? for roommate08 and dependable04 with [personal profile] viper (402, 403) 6/15
◄ traded charmer09, hatcher04 for uncute08, beat09 with [personal profile] anesidorian (404, 405) 6/26
◄ traded valentines09 for shounen15 with [personal profile] eat (406) 6/26
► obtained assassin09, fishing08, project10, poison10, suppi10, marksman04, melodious05, bandages01, gal06, simon03, horn08, pallmall04 from hiatus week 3 6/26

JULY 2014
◄ traded badda-boom03, blitzball09, bluehat04, broadway04, chaoscontrol01, dragons01, eight02, eight05, fire09, fishman03, four02, koopa04, march10, mask09 for transfer08, tanuki02, special08, roommate06, punches10, prospero05, kingkittan04, kansai10, hebihime05, flirt10, blackdog10, guitarist04, sherry09, swimming10 with [personal profile] netbug009 (407, 408, 409, 410, 411, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 419, 420) 7/4
► obtained fishing10, assassin10, stealth02, honoo10, monitor04, sangosho03, special10, poppo02, eurpoean07, dos05, fantail05, brunhild10 from hiatus 4
► obtained hairflip01, successor09, awarded03, first07, shrewd08, surgeon06, detective03, sunny08, ninis02, bishamonten04, azuresea06, sohoku04, defeated01, dinah03, piano04, kaiser04, planetary08, kurogamon07, bento07, fareast06, simon08, clay04, yesterday03, teach05, anti-social07, trickster05, bow04, uchuujin02, holiness03 from staff pay 7/4
► obtained labcoat06, lacrosse01, turban03, ophelia06, ophelia07 from singles claim 7/7
► obtained clairvoyant01, strain01, handkerchief07, vain03, hat03, redstone05, kissing05, bodyswap05, senpai02, sports01 from june/july release 7/7
► obtained oppai14, recite08, antagonist09 from freebies 5 7/7
◄ traded bow04 for moonmagic01 with [personal profile] empanadas (421) 7/7
◄ traded hat03 and vain03 for strain02 and clairvoyant03 with [personal profile] melloi (422, 423) 7/7
◄ traded redstone05 and handkerchief07 for clairvoyant02 and strain03 with [personal profile] omokage (424, 425) 7/7
◄ given anti-social03, battousai08, blitzace03, defeated09, protecting10, ramen07, scales04, shattered04, surgeon09, truth08, weird03, anxious01, anxious02, anxious04, anxious05, anxious06, anxious07, champloo01, champloo04, sunflowers01, kenjutsu01 from [personal profile] fuchsian as a gift 7/7
◄ traded junes09 for strain09 with [personal profile] aurorawing (426) 7/8
◄ traded arrier05, brass07, crest07, fantail05, ooparts05, ooparts07, successor09, flamenco01, numbers08, waitress05 for beat02, beat05, blackdog07, glasses04, heavyblade08, kid02, ouji05, phantom01, phantom04, priestess05 with [personal profile] crystalweaver (427, 428, 429, 430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 436) 7/8
◄ traded contractor06, sonic10, dornkiste01 for twinblades03, question01, blitzace09 with [personal profile] secretambition (437, 438, 439) 7/8
◄ traded kissing05 and bodyswap05 for clairvoyant04 and strain05 with [personal profile] eat (440, 441) 7/8
◄ traded shrewd08, ninis02 for ramen01 and sand03 with [personal profile] swagu (442, 443) 7/8
◄ traded celes01, pacifist08, devoted06, odango04, taichi10, healer10, courageous04, intelligence07, sunny08, european07, fareast06, middleeast06, anguished07, c-0301 for anti-social04, classified10, sand07, eating02, keyblade03, nirvash06, pipe03, punches03, question01, question08, rainfell03, rainfell05, romeo08, sapphire03 with [personal profile] radria (444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451, 452, 453, 454, 455, 456, 457) 7/8
◄ traded hawkvision09, vocals02, vocals03 for anti-social02, anti-social09, and glasses08 with [personal profile] hanakoanime (458, 459, 460) 7/9
◄ traded network03, midget03, tweet03, gemstone01, cannon08, spartan04 for blackdog06, clowndrop09, glasses09, vinea02, transfer03, shiro04 with [personal profile] asuna (461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 466) 7/9
► obtained blacksuit10, aye03, perfecto01, destruction04, potato06, tonfas05 from mod pay 7/9
◄ traded luna08, odoru09, disguise08, wisdom02, recall04, recall08, pallmall04, rocker03, antagonist09, heroine04, tags03, western06, eastrn07, stone09 for cadence01, engaged10, defeated04, fanalis03, fastest06, fugitive06, fugitive09, glasses01, shiro01, uchuujin09, tristesse06, truth02, vinea04, and melody06 with [personal profile] utsuwa (467, 468, 469, 470, 471, 472, 473, 474, 475, 476, 477, 478, 479, 480) 7/9
◄ traded junes10, tempoeral02, xclips07 for clowndrop05, sand02, and morale04 with [personal profile] truebluespark (481, 482, 483) 7/9
► obtained mirror07, gothloli04, bass10, tonfas02, reckless02, babyface02, loveletter, pinkpotion from puzzle chain 24 7/13
◄ traded bubbles04 and golden03 for scales10 and scales01 with [personal profile] omokage (484, 485) 7/13
► obtained bubbles07, unwavering04, clover09, history09, theory05, trickster01, morale01, redpotion, maestro03, novelist06, kid01, mastermind05, child05, trickster03, morale02, bluepotion from leveling up 7/13
► obtained home05, yuukei09, tristesse01, prospero09, march01, model08 from trading a greenpotion and purplepotion at swap 7/13
► obtained literary06 from otp battles 103 7/22
► obtained dearj07 and sapphire10 from freebies 56 7/22
► obtained flambouyant04, madao07, adventurer01, manzai04 from picture hunt 04 7/22
► obtained protecting08, kaze08, parfait06, sand04, virtue07 from singles claims 7/22
► obtained sekki01, outcasts01, onepunch01, cyborg06, cyborg05 from singles claims 7/22
◄ traded senpai02 for clairvoyant05 with [personal profile] ixionesis (486) 7/30
► obtained hyakka02, hyakka08, onepunch07, onepunch08, reliable10 from singles claims 7/30
► obtained vulcanus01, vicepresident04, action09 from otp battle 104 7/30
► obtained taozi09, lacrosse03, hiroari08 from discussion 52 7/30
► obtained sickly08, sakanade05, priestess09, Love Letter, bride01, brass10, medicans07, witch07, council10, otome08, wisdom08, nymph05 from games festival 28 7/30

◄ traded heartbeat04, marchenland01, warmth02, warmth06 for anti-social10, glasses07, transfer03, tristesse09 with [personal profile] taimi (487, 488, 489, 490) 8/1
◄ traded yuukei09 for aikido04 with [personal profile] eat (491) 8/4
► obtained acrobatic09 from otp battles 105
► obtained screams05, minus04, blank02, trickster04, morale05, redpotion, doujin07, wingspiker07, dreams02, morale08, trickster09, pinkpotion, yato01, railgun01, mute02, trickster10, ramen04, greenpotion, serve04, hyperion04, master02, protective01, protective04, redpotion, part-timer10, ponta05, gloomy03, protective05, protective07, greenpotion, theater05, cadence10, bellflower10, protective08, protective09, orangepotion, himeko01, intelligence01, habataki02, protective10, ramen02, redpotion, bluemoon05, mail01, void04, ramen03, ramen04, redpotion from masteries 8/4
► obtained honor10, katana01, revolver07, revolver08, smile09 from singles claim 8/4
► obtained tessaiga01, modern01, agent07, conflict06, matricide10, instruct08, underworld07, seinen18, phd05, dogknight05 from august release 8/12
◄ traded conflict06 for tessaiga02 with [personal profile] utsuwa (492) 8/12
◄ traded artificial02, intelligence01, model08, morte02 for winged01, surgeon05, blank06, burn03 with [personal profile] anesidorian (493, 494, 495, 496) 8/12
► obtained realian08, drums02, orthopedics05, stray10, ink03, zentradi05, voxaura01, sasayan09 from matchmaker 110 8/12
► obtained gentle08 from otp battles 106 8/12
► obtained contract05, jupiter09, clay08, guru01, tristan09, bigbrother09, izayoi, soldier06, fairy04, suit10 from staff pay 8/12
► obtained manage06, athlete08, ninjas13, pinkhair19 from guess the video game 55 8/12
► obtained twilight09 and slap04 from freebies 57 8/12
► obtained loveleter, modest10, freckles06, madao09, superficial05, amnesic06, pheasant05, smile04, hammerwhirl10, loveletter from games festival 29 8/14
► obtained aeronautics08, nova01, expelled04, righthand05, vino02, prototype02, loveletter, purplepotion from puzzle chain 25 8/14
◄ traded matricide10 and member cards for modern03 with [personal profile] akumanomiyu (497) 8/14
► obtained gadoria04, graffiti02, nattou01, nattou02, needles03 from singles claim 8/14
► obtained rekka09 and uchuujin03 from freebies 58 8/26
► obtained birthplace05, sangosho07, perfectpitch07 from otp battles 108 8/26
► obtained tanuki08, muskets05, plum09, sopheria10, lens08, ninjas15, antagonists04, eyepatches08, loveletter, greenpotion, orangepotion, purplepotion, lost clay04, colonel09, rayearth05, romano10, rose05 from summer matsuri special target practice 8/26
► obtained youth04, waitress06, ranking05, mascots08, from picture hunt 05 8/26
► obtained smuggle01 and isolation02 from matchmaker 113 8/26
◄ traded fairy04 for sand09 with [personal profile] empanadas (498) 8/26
◄ traded instruct08 and underworld07 for modern04 and tessaiga03 with [personal profile] needles (499, 500) 8/26
◄ traded seinen18, dogknight05, phd05 for chibi04, sand05, sand06 with [personal profile] yokatta (501, 502, 503) 8/27
► obtained death07, mute05, loyal09, bunny08, cranky08, lost zodiac03 from summer matsuri special fortune draw 8/27
► obtained womanizer05, bride09, helper03 from summer matsuri special card scooping 8/27
◄ traded waitress06 for kansai07 with [personal profile] crystalweaver (504) 8/28
◄ traded muskets05, sojutsu10, boys13 for surgeon03, surgeon02, sand10 with [personal profile] samichan (505, 506, 507) 8/28
◄ traded planetary08, blackbird10, crocodile07, hammerwhirl10, hellkaiser06, parasol02, ricochet02, righthand05, stealth02, stealth08, thunder07, umbralis01, vicepresident04, witch07 for flirt10, transfer04, aikido03, aikido08, aikido10, bride02, cadence05, chariot10, destiny05, gloomy06, kid07, truth05, truth10, vinea08 with [personal profile] beezebeora (508, 509, 510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519, 520, 521) 8/28
► obtained a small prize from summer matsuri festival raffle 8/28

► obtained kiss-shot09, five03, suit05, paperfan08, sanome02, muskets02, strict01, badda-boom01, magical04, mind01, loveletter from games festival 30 9/2
► obtained potato01 from otp battles 109 9/2
► obtained wrench06, ciaossu08, virgo07, bucket02, chronokinetic01, bass-clef07, tailswipe05, guilt05, mechanic05, attention04, fedora06, magama02, invincible01, failure01, older02, six09 from mod pay 9/2
► obtained kojiharu07, lienea05, aspirations01 from summer matsuri special fireworks 9/2
◄ traded colonel09 for wingled08 with [personal profile] admiral (522) 9/2
► obtained scar04, dreams08, spellcaster10, navigator10, feminine05, adventurer03, shrewd05, robin04, bachelor02, highly10, point06, reckless06, toy02, bluepotion,
soccer01, composer02, sasyan08 from trading achievements 9/4
► obtained perspective04, heroic05, snake04, allmate04, ruthless04, uncle02, heroic07, veterinarian07, hammer09, medea05, purplepotion from trading achievments 9/5
► obtained book04, fareast02 from classified ads 116 9/7
► obtained girly02, enkidu04 from freebies 59 9/7
► obtained liar06, acrobatic09, idol05, bakuzan03, newtype06, novicechef01, loveletter from donating decks 9/12
► obtained hierophant09, kakarot01, basroil08, toyshop07, xguns10, fullmetal05 from otp battles 110 9/13
► obtained penguin09, amnesiac10, treble-clef08, forward05, poffins04, blacksuit04, Love Letter, redpotion from puzzle chain 25 9/13
► obtained manga01, inker01, mikorin01, kazaana01, hiraikotsu01, tenseiga01, shikon01, silverwitch01, division101, josei01 from september release 9/13
► obtained shounen16, shounen18, ramen05, ramen06, beat01, beat03, ramen08, beat06, ramen09, beat10, blank03, ruthless09, virgin04, assassin10, steward06, rebirth06, beauty08, database07, dualblade08, cats02, chainsaw07, galax02, ramen10, clowndrop03, kid03, kid06, kid08, kid09, truth01, truth03 from exchanging eight loveletters, two redpotion, two pinkpotion, two bluepotion, one greenpotion, one purpleotion, one orangepotion at shop 9/14
► obtained impostors08, hentai08, typeblue01 from otp battles 112 9/29
► obtained trainer10, tyranny06, fairy05 from otp battles 113 9/29
► obtained parttime10, relentless03, chibi03 from freebies 60 9/29
► obtained vinea07, vinea03, vinea08, desperado07, classified01, cavalier09, boss08, lancelot06, pressure06, lowest10, puppeteer06, salaryman07, unnoticed05, shounen19, sports02 from trading in two redpotion, one greenpotion, one purplepotion, one orangepotion, and a 3 random cards for choice deck coupon at shop 9/29
► obtained shigure02, delivery02, bounty03, average08, psychic07, cybele01, mars01, clutch09, yari08, katana06, Love Letter from games festival 9/29
► obtained challenge09, multi-size02 from matchmaker 118

► obtained viera03 from otp battles 114 10/2
► obtained aldnoah01, kg-601, terran01, tobari01, fuuga01, skypirate01, lamont01, intercession01, canoncouples01, tsundere01 from october release 10/6
► obtained redpotion, loveletter, bigbrother01 and imanity04 from birthday 10/6
► obtained rumble03 and esper09 from freebies 61 10/6
► obtained stress05, couture10, weird03, pikohan04, protective03, hedonist09, viscount05, cop07, tengu07, serena10 from staff pay 10/7
► obtained yaminabe06, photographer09, warrior10, mission03, matto10, bambi03, canvas05, movepoint07, ranguren07, mjolnir09 from staff pay 10/7
► obtained disgrace09, book08, luna03 from staff pay 10/7
► obtained champion09, coordinator03, captive06 from otp battles 115 10/13
► obtained muttsurini07, smells02, cavalier10, Love Letter, freelance01, kingkittan04, rookie02, mature10, emperor09, redpotion, purplepotion from game festival 33 10/18
◄ traded muskets02 for swimming09 with [personal profile] empanadas (523) 10/18
◄ traded tonfas02 and tonfas05 for blank09 and blitzace08 with [personal profile] akumanomiyu (524, 525) 10/21
◄ traded coordinator03 and gentle08 for assassin04 and backstroke10 with [personal profile] empanadas (526, 527) 10/21

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