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► received gangster05, brown14, antares10, vodka02, sultry16, skilled20, black lynx01, and black lynx18 for joining
► received scientific01, space pirate01, throttle01, black dog01, saru01, yatagarasu01, bubbles01, buttercup01, and pilots01 at release 38
► received blank lynx02, kiss01, and celebration09 at anniversary 09
► received celebration08 and ocean wave03 at anniversary 08
► received meimei12 and da vinchi08 for joining
► received celebration07 and black lynx07 at anniversary 07
► received celebration02, hamelin03, loyalty11, and sos13 from anniversary 02
► received black lynx03 and celebration03 from anniversary 03
► received sorry09, aka tsubaki15, anniversary04, and a blue crayon from anniversary 04
► received anniversary06 and lascivious01 from anniversary 06
◄ traded trottle01 for space pirate18 with [personal profile] reneetwist (1)
► received literature07, unorthodox06, and celebration01 at anniversary 01
► received older07, escaped04, and celebration05 at anniversary 05
► received celebration11 and a purple crayon at anniversary11
◄ traded black dog01 for black lynx12 with [personal profile] hurl (2)
◄ traded rebel19 for sensor13 with [personal profile] tempestuously (3)
◄ traded loyalto11 and saru01 for koorime13 and jet11 with [personal profile] adurotum (4, 5)
► received black lynx12 and celebration12 at anniversary 12
◄ traded pilots01 for theend17 with [personal profile] truebluespark (6)
◄ traded literature07 for sos08 with [personal profile] liberalism (7)
► received precise18, plasma15, and reporter13 from seiyuu guess 125
◄ traded gangster05 for spacepirate02 with [personal profile] hopes (8)
◄ traded sorry09 for chibimoon03 with [personal profile] despedia (9)
◄ traded bubbles01 and buttercup01 for mischief19 and points17 with [personal profile] ankari (10, 11)
◄ traded yatagarasu01 for spacepirate20 with [personal profile] hopes (12)
◄ traded points17 for robin15 with [personal profile] tempestuously (13)
◄ traded antares10 for kiss04 with [personal profile] makoto666 (14)
► obtained celebration14 and spacepirate19 from anniversary16
► obtained hydragena05, tomb06, gungnir12, eighth20, and a green crayon from beauty pageant 61
► obtained persocom01, persocom03, persocom06, persocom20, sensor09, sensor10, sensor18, sensor19, sos01, and sos09 from recycled art
◄ traded jet11 and precise18 for record14 and sincerity04 with [personal profile] despedia (15, 16)
◄ traded koorime13 for aimo06 with [personal profile] hopes (17)
◄ traded lascivious01 for littledevil08 with [personal profile] lanvaldear (18)
► obtained cry01, blacklynx20, and celebration17 from anniversary 17
► obtained celebration18, curious05, and beautiful09 from anniversary 18
► obtained ballerina20, curerouge16, and basement16 from seiyuu guess 126
► obtained celebration10, fashion04, and rebel10 from anniversary 10
► obtained inherit15 and bread15 from conan's clues 148
◄ traded reporter13 for cry05 with [personal profile] crystalweaver (19)
◄ traded fashion04 for kiss15 with [personal profile] hopes (20)
► obtained barbarrossa17 and xscissor01 from conan's clues 149
► obtained host13, lively06, draculina05, phones20, and a brown crayon from beauty pageant 62
► obtained celebration20, innkeeper12, phantom04, and ukraine19 from anniversary20
► obtained celebration14 and police10 from anniversary 14
◄ traded hydrangea05 for kiss11 with [personal profile] pleonasm (21)
◄ traded xscissor01 for littledevil04 with [personal profile] hopes (22)
◄ traded a brown crayon for a blue crayon with [personal profile] tempestuously
◄ traded ukraine19 for blackknight17 with [personal profile] secretambition (23)
◄ traded phones20 for police06 with [personal profile] triacedia (24)
◄ traded innkeeper12 and sultry16 for persocom16 and persocom05 with [personal profile] phibby (25, 26)
► obtained badluck18, celebration13, and goals08 from anniversary 13
► obtained form01, saiko06, and a brown crayon from completeing a sketchbook
► obtained sickly18, bakushin02, travel15, and baldy08 from crosswords 58
► obtained cetra17 and panther01 from conan's clues 150
► obtained blacklynx19, persocom02, and celebration19 from anniversary 19
◄ traded sickly18 and form01 for eyeshadow12 and loveme10 with [personal profile] tempestuously (27, 28)
◄ traded cetra17 for amulet01 with [personal profile] despedia (29)
◄ traded curerouge16 for sos12 with [personal profile] chikky (30)
► obtained mushroom19, knowledge07, and weasel09 at seiyuu guess 127

◄ traded older17 for yamaken with [personal profile] dialny (31)
◄ traded mushroom19 and basement16 for yamaken18 and kodama02 with [personal profile] despedia (32, 33)
◄ traded travel15 for sincerity09 with [personal profile] aaveplsgo (34)
► obtained castle02, duck01, forbidden10, knight11, littledevil15, sincerity02, sos07, sos17, sos19, sos20 from recycled art
► obtained chevalier15, ribika19, horatio14, and hammer04 from pick a color 74
► obtained delete10, shadow09, and doujinka14 from costume party 150
► obtained pudding03, blacklynx11, diagnostics12, and a brown crayon from leveling up
► obtained celebration15 from anniversary 15
► obtained moe1-20, curepeach05, introvert17, xiv01, and a brown crayon from mastering celebration
► obtained blazers08 and cure17 from pokeradar 154
► obtained a green crayon, mineral09, disciplinary16, and blindfold15 from donating a deck
► obtained an orange crayon, sculpted02, nonary16, and vincent11 from donating a deck
► obtained landgod01, champloo14, soothsayer03, desudayo07, academy02, docodemo03, bounty01, thieves14 and ethics16 from july release
◄ traded desudayo07 for landgod05 with [personal profile] ankari (35)
◄ traded docodemo03 for landgod06 with [personal profile] magikarp (36)
◄ traded xiv01 for scientific17 with [personal profile] skaldadottir (37)
◄ traded mineral09 for amulet06 with [profile] oraion (38)
◄ traded champloo14 for sos06 with [personal profile] unlocks (39)
◄ traded scientific17 and weasel09 for persocom11 and persocom10 with [personal profile] pleonasm (40, 41))
◄ traded soothsayer03 for landgod04 with [personal profile] ouo (42)
◄ traded knowledge07 for skypirate06 with [personal profile] rosa (43)
◄ traded escaped04 for landgod03 with [personal profile] moes (44)
◄ traded ethics16 for hamlet09 with [personal profile] tempestuously (45)
◄ traded bounty01 for spicy06 with [personal profile] machika (46)
◄ traded draculina05 for kiss09 with [personal profile] eclair (47)
◄ traded academy02 for landgod02 with [personal profile] hopes (48)
◄ traded tomb06 for university03 with [personal profile] inarticulate (49)
◄ traded cure17 and curepeach05 for kiss10 and sensor08 with [personal profile] skitty (50, 51)
◄ traded three brown crayons for sensor16, daisy07, and sand14 with [personal profile] hopes
◄ traded nonary16 for sos02 with [personal profile] adurotum (52)
► obtained mysteria17 and vengeance14 from referrals
► obtained background09, copy11, lacytanga17, protect15, sealand18, sealand20, seychelles18, twentyone17, vermouth19, and alien01 from recycled art
◄ traded vincent11 for landgod15 with [personal profile] despedia (53)
◄ traded bread15 for pegasus06 with [personal profile] oniclaws (54)
◄ traded lacytanga17 and seychelles for amulet11 and amulet05 with [personal profile] sealand (55, 56)
► obtained beautiful16, obsessed13, and a grey crayon from completing a sketchpad
► obtained firetornado04 and ouji18 from conan's clues 151
► obtained antisocial15, shirogamon09, and excluded01 from costume party 149
► obtained a brown crayon, sixthroom05, watermelon13, short15, and thunderbolt15 from beauty pageant 64
◄ traded robin15 for yamaken06 with [personal profile] maesterlicious (57)
◄ traded badluck18 for theened05 with [personal profile] dawn_of_madness (58)
◄ traded watermelon13 for sos11 with [personal profile] sinew (59)
◄ traded excluded01 for landgod16 with [personal profile] sammywhatammy (60)
► obtained a gray crayon, fun05, and icy07 from completing a sketchpad
► obtained aimstalker04 and beard13 from conan's clues 152
◄ traded host13 for amulet09 with [personal profile] aestivalis (61)
◄ traded icy07 for firtroom01 with [personal profile] maesterlicious (62)
◄ traded a green crayon for an orange with [personal profile] hopes
◄ traded a brown crayon for an orange with [personal profile] tempestuously
◄ traded a gray crayon for an orange with [personal profile] anesidorian
◄ traded goals08 for secondroom19 with [personal profile] syodii (63)
◄ traded fun05 for sos15 with [personal profile] eclair (64)
► obtained my signature
◄ traded aimstalker04 for kiss02 with [personal profile] asuna (65)
◄ traded thieves14 for sos18 with [profile] palindinsky (66)
◄ traded scientific01 for persocom17 with [personal profile] bringthefate (67)
◄ traded phantom04 for cry20 with [personal profile] aaveplsgo (68)
► switched in blazer08, blindfold15, davinci08, chevalier15, pudding03, shadow09 for sos14 and sos16 at art studio

► obtained blacklynx17, umibozu05, bluegrad19, and a blue crayon from mastering sos
◄ traded beautiful09 for charm15 with [personal profile] hologramblue (69)
► switched beard13 for kodama05 and an orange crayon at switch it up 75
► switched four orange crayons for sos03, sos04, sos05, sos10 at art shop
◄ traded plasma15 and hamelin03 for persocom04 and maid02 with [personal profile] makoto666 (70, 71)
◄ traded thunderbolt15 for sensor15 with [personal profile] miyoungie (72)
◄ traded disciplinary16 for blacklynx08 with [personal profile] ulquiorrasch (73)
► obtained detective11, disarm04, disarm05, disarm06, disarm09, disarm15, disgusting04, disgusting08, disgusting09, disgusting19 from recycled art
► obtained cosplay17, gekko02, and blackfox19 from costume party 153
► obtained thirdroom09, dresses02, and rush06 from seiyuu guess 131
► obtained a green crayon, taser10, blacklynx16, and yondaime19 from leveling up
◄ traded antisocial15 for firstroom11 with [personal profile] fall (74)
◄ traded vengeance14 for twentyone20 with [personal profile] skaldadottir (75)
◄ traded meimei12 for dream01 with [personal profile] frogberri (76)
◄ traded inherit15 for disarm16 with [personal profile] syodii (77)
◄ traded baldy08 for persocom19 with [personal profile] lluvia (78)
◄ traded taser for thirdroom19 with [personal profile] ankari (79)
◄ traded cosplay17 for sensor02 with [personal profile] magaru (80)
◄ traded signatures with [personal profile] netbug009 (81)
◄ traded shirogamon09 for knight04 with [personal profile] gammacrank (82)
► obtained redking09, analyzation10, and snow11 from costume party 154
► obtained chairman06, marchhare13, sos10, redcomet17, and angel16 from pick a color 76
► obtained schemer14, 005, and a brown crayon from completing a sketchpad
► obtained firstroom20, college02, cybernetic11, egret11, eyeshadow02, france01, license16, minor03, minor19, quick03 from recycled art
► obtained shogun05, alien04, myths11, and moodmaker03 from pokeradar 154
◄ traded redking09 for loveme03 with [personal profile] adurotum (83)
◄ traded protect15 for innuendos19 with [personal profile] maesterlicious (84)
◄ traded yondaime19 for yamaken02 with [personal profile] tempestuously (85)
► switched bluegrad19 for kodama19 at switch it up 75
◄ traded firetornado04 for prospero10 with [personal profile] despedia (86)
◄ traded introvert17 for cybernetic03 with [personal profile] blood (87)
► obtained illegal04, swordswoman07, pke02, profit07, graywolf18, mineral07, taichou12, earthshaker09, busted07, nichirin18, nice06, mobile05, herbs18, starmaker19, mafiaboss14, despair12, immature10, watergun16, producer05, whip20, archer01, cry11, kaliyuga20, souleater12, heartbreak09, yatagarasu06, harass18, icy14, smell03, april01, armored17, alcohol13, meramera07, two gray crayons and traded ouji18, analyzation10, unorthodox06 at pot of gold 33.5
► exchanged three blue crayons for blacklynx06, blacklynx05, and blacklynx04 at art shop
◄ traded archer02 for maid19 with [personal profile] despedia (88)
◄ traded icy14 for television20 with [personal profile] prisma (89)
◄ traded innuendos19 for persocom14 with [personal profile] needles (90)
◄ traded panter01 for sensor05 with [personal profile] nidoking (91)
◄ traded signatures with [personal profile] eclair (92)
◄ traded earthshaker09 for chibimoon13 with [personal profile] mllelaurel (93)
◄ traded whip20 for cybernetic14 with [personal profile] dialny (94)
► obtained obstinate08, manga02, killerbee17, unique11, and a purple crayon from beauty pagaent 65
◄ traded obstinate08 for seconds08 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn (95)
◄ traded obsessed11 for gekko09 with [personal profile] estamir (96)
◄ traded snow11 and killerbee17 for blacklynx14 and sensor04 with [personal profile] magaru (97, 98)
◄ traded alcohol13 for greeneyes04 with [personal profile] harukami (99)
◄ traded watergun16, swordswoman07, and mobile05 for interested18 and two blue crayons with [personal profile] hopes (100, 101, 102)
◄ traded spicy06 for umibozu04 with [personal profile] gilbo (103)
◄ traded harass17 for emotional07 with [personal profile] reneetwist (104)
◄ traded dresses15 for alien15 with [personal profile] fall (105)
► obtained caliber08, foul03, highjump10, highjump17, lancelot09, owl11, aikido06, aimo20, firetruck03, and disgusting15 from recycled art
◄ traded ribika19 and short15 for oceanwave18 and spicy15 with [personal profile] tennseiga (106, 107)
◄ traded dream01, egret11, and armored17 for umibozu19, oceanwave17, and oceanwave14 with [personal profile] chikky (108, 109, 110)
◄ traded angel16 for yamaken15 with [personal profile] ouo (111)
◄ obtained psybeam16 from [personal profile] estamir
► swapped barbaross17, gungnir12, and vodka02 for blacklynx15 at art studio
► swapped two blue crayons for blacklynx09 and blacklynx10 at art shop
► obtained a blue crayon, persocom07, text18, and emotion10 from mastering blacklynx
◄ traded moodmaker03 for secondroom18 with [personal profile] secretambition (112)
◄ traded quick03 for yamaken14 with [personal profile] triacedia (113)
◄ traded april01 for maid18 with [personal profile] makoto666 (114)
► obtained offense10, particle03, pigeons19, magnet01 and a gray crayon from musical playground pt. 2
◄ traded rush06 for meatbun17 with [personal profile] surskit (115)
◄ traded sculpted02 for arrogant07 with [personal profile] magikarp (116)
◄ traded illegal04, nice06, and souleater12 for kiss06, sensor07, and loveme02 with [personal profile] lucathia (117, 118, 119)
► obtained cello13, plunder04, skilled01, hacker19, and a blue crayon from botb 4
► obtained contract03, maouryuu09, sea05, cyrokinesis03, and speaking18 from botb 2
◄ traded owl11 for samurai19 with [personal profile] magikarp (120)
◄ traded contract03 for sixthroom16 with [personal profile] ankari (121)
◄ traded emotion10 for aikido16 with [personal profile] wanderlast (122)
◄ traded sos10 for eigth03 with [personal profile] lanvaldear (123)
◄ traded diagnostics12 for mayonnaise11 with [personal profile] haifisch (124)
◄ traded lancelot09 for orphan18 with [personal profile] despedia (125)
◄ traded hacker19 for oceanwave15 with [personal profile] lluvia (126)
◄ traded chairman06 for internet05 with [personal profile] psithurism (127)
◄ traded nichirin18 for sincerity05 with [personal profile] atashi (128)
► obtained urn01, warlock05, engetsu02, jps04, hotblooded01, bestfriend07, regret07, salaryman05, hoenn14, and darkside18 from august release
◄ traded regret07 for urn07 with [personal profile] miha (129)
◄ traded hotblooded01 for urn05 with [personal profile] surskit (130)
◄ traded immature10 for empty03 with [personal profile] riidaa (131)
◄ traded salaryman05 for urn08 with [personal profile] ankari (132)
◄ traded maouryuu09 for highjump12 with [personal profile] harukami (133)
◄ traded myths11 for aikido13 with [personal profile] makoto666 (134)
◄ traded engetsu02 for urn03 with [personal profile] gilbo (135)
◄ traded bestfriend07 for urn06 with [personal profile] utsuwa (136)
◄ traded two blue crayons for littledevil07 and items05 with [personal profile] asuna
◄ traded items05 and warlock05 for urn02 and umibozu01 with [personal profile] hopes (137, 138)
► obtained a yellow crayon, a red crayon, stew06, gatekeeper13, chat10, watermelon15 from art shop
◄ traded skilled20 and skilled01 for aimo05 and persocom12 with [personal profile] lucathia (139, 140)
► obtained persocom08, maniac18, jyuuken14, and a purple crayon from leveling up
► obtained hebihime04, twentyone09, twentyone13, twentyone19, keyhole01, keyhole07, keyhole11, keyhole16, police07, shugo0 from recycled art
◄ traded starmaker19, mineral07, and heartbreak09 for amulet13, aimo08, and cry06 with [personal profile] nepetan (141, 142, 143)
◄ traded sealand18 for tagged16 with [personal profile] netbug009 (144)
◄ traded speaking18 for cybernetic19 with [personal profile] dialny (145)
◄ traded busted07 for amulet08 with [personal profile] adurotum (146)
► obtained aura02, automic05, and rhythmia03 from pick a color 77
► obtained pal18 and force02 from conan's clues 157
◄ traded pke02 for emotional05 with [personal profile] mori (147)
◄ traded jps04 for urn04 with [personal profile] bats (148)
► obtained intelligence08, karaoke17, baseball09 from scrapbook theme poll
► obtained vayu13, regulus04, cherry20, kijin02, orbit06, and algorithm14 from scrapbooks 64+65
► obtained apollo05, apollo20, fanclub17, firetornado04, firetornado09, hyakka15, mop09, soyokaze07, soyokaze09, yankee02 from recycled art
► obtained jetstream02, pachinko20, dna16 from host club giveaway 69
◄ traded firetornado09 for blackknight08 with [personal profile] despedia (149)
► obtained datadrain17, loudmouth17, acrophobia03, yggrdsil03, epyon19 from pick a color 78
◄ traded tagged16 for empty15 with [personal profile] stag (150)
◄ traded cherry20, gatekeeper13, and vayu13 for fifthroom14, kodama07, and pegasus19 with [personal profile] harukami (151, 152, 153)
◄ traded jyuuken14 for chomechome05 with [personal profile] arilyn9 (154)
► obtained a purple crayon, cry06, fightgod09, griefseed09, twili19, icefairy19 from battle of the bands
◄ traded datadrain17 for aikido09 with [personal profile] chinchilla (155)
◄ traded cry06 for spicy01 with [personal profile] empanadas (156)
◄ traded griefseed09 for brokenrose02 with [personal profile] dialny (157)
◄ traded orbit06 and baseball09 for pegasus04 and alien16 with [personal profile] gilbo (158, 159)
◄ traded foul08 for fifthroom10 with [personal profile] harukami (160)
► obtained charisma03, acrophobia04, and servant19 from seiyuu guess 134
► swapped beautiful16 for sand16 at switch it up 76
► obtained muga05 and motorcycle08 from conan's clues 159

◄ traded cello13 for alien12 with [personal profile] namikala (161)
◄ traded yatagarasu06 for eyeshadow07 with [personal profile] adurotum (162)
◄ traded muga05 for forbidden15 with [personal profile] kuranosuke (163)
◄ traded 005 and manga01 for firstroom14 and television18 with [personal profile] oniclaws (164, 165)
► obtained obliged05 and blackkeyes01 from host club giveaway 70
► obtained myths06 and sin14 from pokeradar 156
◄ traded rhythmia03 for charm06 with [personal profile] preternatural (166)
► obtained food09 and fortune11 from donating decks
◄ traded food09 for yamaken12 with [personal profile] fall (167)
► obtained two blue crayons, a yellow crayon, inside04, forward17, hysteria11, pharaoh05 from pick a color 79
► obtained irises07, youngest02, promiscuous03, paimon08, samezuka04, demifiend15, outside09, dollmaster10, tsunderes04 from release 41
◄ traded promiscuous03 for eigth05 with [personal profile] tempestuously (168)
◄ traded paimon08 for record08 with [personal profile] mllelaurel (169)
◄ traded youngest02 and irises07 for prosper17 and aimo07 with [personal profile] utsuwa (171)
◄ traded samezuka04 for amulet18 with [personal profile] moon_wolf (172)
◄ traded demifiend15 for maid03 with [personal profile] estamir (173)
◄ traded outside09 for hebihime13 with [personal profile] poland (174)
◄ traded dollmaster10 for blackknight01 with [personal profile] namikala (175)
◄ traded tsunderes04 for sensor03 with [personal profile] gon (176)
► obtained zelda20, 20faces16, marry07, and shippudash17 at seiyuu guess 135
◄ traded zelda30 and sin14 for eyeshadow08 and pure20 with [personal profile] arilyn9 (177, 178)
► obtained fog02 and exactly12 from conan's clues 161
► obtained ace08 and touch04 from conan's clues 160
◄ traded fightgod09 and twili02 for unwritten01 and fanclub02 with [personal profile] inarticulate (179, 180)
◄ traded icefairy19 for firefly04 with [personal profile] kues (181)
◄ traded plunder04 and yggdrasil03 for firetruck02 and samurau03 with [personal profile] swagu (182, 183)
◄ traded obliged05 for greeneyes20 with [personal profile] surskit (184)
◄ traded algorithm14 for fifthroom18 with [personal profile] rosa (182)
◄ traded apollo05 and apollo20 for television11 and ghost19 with [personal profile] awestriker (183, 184)
► obtained minus14, haunt06, headmaster12 from botb 7
◄ traded headmaster12 for kiss20 with [personal profile] nyxnoxbox (185)
◄ traded ace08 for samurai20 with [personal profile] stag (186)
► obtained barrier08 and orojya15 from pokeradar 160

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